Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Nayeli Morales
Medical English
21 September 2016

One object the present me is an amulet that gave me my grandmother the day of my graduated from middle school and gave me another surprise that same day my she come from Oregon along with my uncles and that  day.The  was the best day they come just  to my graduation and to stay days with us  and also the amulet that always bring with me go and every time I play I feel I am with my grandmother for the strange.I think the amulet bring me happiness,and good luck  because i need  positive thing the i need and also i feel like she one part of the amulet. That was the last day i see my grandmother the day my graduation and i miss her so much that i want to go visit her at Oregon but i can go because of the school but i hope i would see my grandmother soon.

Friday, September 16, 2016

we assigned this project were for had to fill your body and put the most important thing and what represent us.I try not put just the most important thing  and things that a like.This assignment  to learned more about photo and to discover more thing and also improve my skills, and also  to do thing the i like.